Teaching sport ethics: One perspective

  • Peter Van Mullem Lewis Clark State College
  • Sharon Stoll University of Idaho
  • Heather Van Mullem Lewis-Clark State College


Over 300 universities across the United States offer a degree in sport management and the number of schools developing new sport management curriculum continues to grow (NASSM, 2013). As new curriculum is being developed and programs are starting to be implemented, a discussion on the best methodological approach to teach each class is becoming more frequent. Often courses in a sport management curriculum include: sport finance, sport marketing, sociology of sport, sport ethics, sport facilities, event management, and sport law. Of the courses listed, the one course that tends to be the most challenging because of its theoretical basis, abstract, and subjective nature is teaching about ethics. This article examines an effective methodological approach to teaching sport ethics based on established research and provides an example of an effective pedagogical method for teaching sport ethics in the classroom.

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