Creating successful activity programs for middle school girls

G. Arthur Broten Young Scholar Papers

  • LeeAnn Wiggin Lewis-Clark State College
  • Grace Goc Karp University of Idaho


Results from the 2003-2004 National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES), found that only 3.4% of girls from ages 12-15 met current guidelines for PA adherence (Troiano, et al., 2008), suggesting that there is a need for specially designed physical activity (PA) programming among middle school girls. Using the information garnered from an extensive review of literature on a variety of PA programs, an after-school PA program was developed and implemented using the motivational factors of activity choice, fun and enjoyment, non-competitive lifetime activities and increased skill competence in a “girls only” setting. Statistical results determined that each of the motivational factors used in the program had a positive impact on the improved PA self-efficacy and PA enjoyment among participants at the conclusion of the program.

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